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Have you ever thought about the fact that we call physical structures "buildings" — and we also call the act of creating those structures "building?" We actually like the dual meaning of the word "building" in this case. It highlights just how much work really goes into creating these structures. Putting up even a small building is not a weekend project. It's a huge endeavor for those in the construction industry. There's a lot of coordination and planning that has to happen before the contractors can even begin working. With that being said, we hope you enjoy reading about building here. And yes, we mean both physical buildings and the act of building.


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Situations That May Require A Land Survey To Be Completed

Land surveys can be an important tool for allowing individuals to confirm the boundary lines of their property. However, people may not always have a full understanding of the types of situations where land surveys can be both advisable and extremely useful.

Property Upgrades Near The Perimeter

If you are undertaking construction, landscaping, or other improvement projects near the perimeter of your property, a land survey can be necessary for avoiding the risk of accidentally violating the property's boundary. This could lead to considerable liabilities as you could potentially be forced to pay for the costs of restoring the neighbor's property back to its original condition. A land survey can be a simple option for avoiding this potential outcome as it will confirm the boundary of the property before the work begins so that the contractors or the property owner can effectively avoid harming their neighbor's property.

Preparing To Sell The Home

When you are in the process of preparing to sell the home, it is common for potential buyers to have various pieces of information that they will want to review before they commit to making an offer. Land survey results can be one of these documents that these individuals will be likely to want to review. This can allow them to have a thorough understanding of the actual dimensions of the property so that they can better evaluate whether they will want to purchase it. This can also help the property owner to avoid accidentally incorrectly listing the property's size when they are preparing to list it for sale as this could potentially lead to legal issues in the future.

Boundary Disputes With Neighbors

Disputes with your neighbor can be an extremely stressful and unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, property boundary issues can be a common source of conflict. Individuals that have found themselves in this type of dispute may be able to utilize a land surveyor in order to help resolve these disputes. Ideally, the results of the land survey will allow the conflict to be resolved relatively quickly, but if this fails, court proceedings may be required. During these proceedings, the results of the land survey can be a valuable piece of supporting documentation. Due to this, you should retain these documents and the contact information for the land surveyor in case you find yourself needing to go through these proceedings in order to resolve the dispute with your neighbor over the boundary line of the lots.

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